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Your database of email and mail contacts is one of the most valuable assets of your company today.
MailHerd, the email / postal mail marketing application, enables you to reach all your clients, current and potential, with email, postal mail or both.
List segmentation has never been easier with MailHerd's built-in features: user-defined marketing and interest tags, US zip code verification, US major markets designation and other segmenting tools. Now, you can selectively focus your email marketing efforts.
MailHerd's Guesthouse edition and Travel edition have all the great features of MailHerd plus:
MailHerd, Guesthouse edition:
» Tracks your guests' stays
» Offers a built-in loyalty / frequent guest program
» Now you can offer special deal incentives and encourage more return business!
MailHerd, Travel edition:
» Distinguishes between consumers and travel agents in your database
» Offers list segmentation based on consumers and/or travel agents
» Travel agents can view travel industry only pages accessed through your website
MailHerd gives you more: Email and Postal mail in ONE database, user-defined marketing and interest tags, US zip code verification, automatic US major maket designation, include and/or exclude segmenting feature, 1 year of campaign history and 1 MB of image storage for every account.
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